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Emergency lighting is in every business, yet it is something that can go unnoticed when it isn’t in use during an actual emergency. We may take them for granted, but they are a vital part of your business and need to undergo regular testing and inspections to ensure they are ready for any unexpected emergency that could arise. 

What is emergency lighting? “Emergency lighting refers to battery-backed or otherwise independently powered light sources that are designed to activate when a power outage creates low-visibility conditions in a workplace. (Emergency egress lighting will illuminate the travel path to the appropriate building exit. Every square inch of the floor must be illuminated by at least 1 lumen of light at any point along the way of egress. The use of emergency lighting is a mandatory requirement of modern commercial and residential Mult-family building codes.).….The use of emergency lighting is a mandatory requirement of modern commercial and residential Multi-family building codes. Many building codes also require the installation of emergency lighting as a retrofit for older buildings.” (Source:

The NFPA 70—also known as the National Electric Code—requires all businesses to make sure that all emergency and exit lights are a specific type depending upon the need and that they are performing in case of any emergency (per NFPA101, NFPA 70, and OSHA 29CFR1950). The NFPA code puts these standards in place for all emergency and exit lighting, covering things such as how long emergency lighting should last in the event of an emergency, and how much square footage the lighting should cover so customers and employees can safely make it out of the building. 

Testing and Inspections

Since emergency lighting is a requirement for your business, if you let your testing lapse, you could be in for some pretty hefty fines. And if your emergency lighting doesn’t work and you end up having an emergency situation on your hands at your business, you could be in even bigger trouble. Customers and employees could trip, fall and/or injure themselves if the exits are poorly illuminated.

One of the things you can do on your own is check the exterior of all of your emergency lighting on a regular basis for cracks, old batteries, and a working “test button” check. If needed, add monthly lighting checks to any task lists you already have in place for your facility managers. Then, keep a record of your maintenance and regular check schedule so you can continue to keep on top of ensuring the working of your emergency lighting. 

When you need electrical technicians to come out and inspect your emergency lighting, our experienced and qualified electricians will inspect every emergency light so that they will work properly when you need them most. They will also check for cracks, batteries that need to be replaced, and ensure that the units will function for 90 minutes as required by the NFPA. 

After going over the importance of emergency lighting in your business, we have to ask – when was the last time you had your business’ emergency lighting inspected? Make sure your customers and employees feel safe in your business should an emergency arise. If you’re due for an inspection, give us a call at 1-800-732-3754 or fill out this form