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New Britain CT

Medford Wellington Services Co., Inc. provides complete air conditioning, heating and refrigeration services to the residents and businesses of New Britain, CT. we are available 24/7 to meet your services needs.

How often should commercial HVAC units be serviced near New Britain?

As a general rule, the HVAC technician should perform maintenance on the unit at least twice a year. The best times for this would be in the spring and fall, right before the equipment will be under the most stress. Older units might require additional maintenance following the season to keep them in good working order.

How do I reset my commercial HVAC system near New Britain?

First, at the thermostat, turn off your air conditioning system. When you've finished resetting it, you don't want it to start up your air conditioner for cooling right away. Look for the breaker box. Seek out a metal box or panel that is flush against a wall. Sometimes it is painted to match your home, but most of the time it is a simple metallic color. Then turn off the breaker for your air conditioner. Before turning the breaker back to the "on" position, wait at least one full minute. Before turning your unit back on at the thermostat, wait 30 minutes. This provides an opportunity for your system to reset its internal circuit breaker.

What is the life of a commercial HVAC unit near New Britain?

Commercial HVAC systems typically last 15 to 20 years, but this varies depending on a number of factors. If a building wants its commercial HVAC system to last longer than 20 years, proper maintenance is essential. Even the best-built systems will break down before they reach their maximum useful lives without proper maintenance.

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