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Worcester MA

Medford Wellington Services Co., Inc. provides complete air conditioning, heating and refrigeration services to the residents and businesses of Worcester, MA. we are available 24/7 to meet your services needs.

How often should commercial HVAC units be serviced near Worcester?

To maintain your commercial HVAC equipment in top working order, you must pay regular attention to it. Several factors can influence how frequently maintenance is scheduled, but a good rule of thumb is to schedule a maintenance check-up twice a year. The best times for maintenance are in the spring and fall when systems are under the most strain from temperature extremes. However, an older unit or units subjected to excessive strain may necessitate more frequent inspections.

How does a commercial multi-zone HVAC system work near Worcester?

Zoned HVAC systems have several thermostats distributed throughout the building so that the air temp for those "zones" can be controlled separately. These zones are frequently distributed on different floors or in various areas of the building with various functions. A building with office and warehouse space, for example, will most likely require different climate zones for each zones' specific needs.

What is the proper maintenance for a commercial refrigerator near Worcester?

It is critical to clean the interior and exterior of your refrigeration equipment on a regular basis in order to keep it running efficiently.   Scrub racks with warm water and soap or a specialized freezer/refrigerator cleaner if necessary. Thorough maintenance and cleaning will remove all of the natural deposits that can accumulate inside and cause food spoilage or poor performance in other areas, such as cooling capacity. So, set aside some time each week (or biweekly) to clean the interior and exterior.

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