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Outside Look Of Shipping Freezer

Special Project - Refrigeration Units for VLM and Shipping Freezers

Case Study for Special Refrigeration Project

The Medford Wellington team was hired as a subcontractor to install 4 refrigeration systems in a -20C freezer and 2 systems in a +4C cold room vestibule.  The purpose of the freezer equipment was to cool a vertical lift machine that would store medications on designated trays. When the customer wanted to locate a medication, they could enter a +4C cold room vestibule and call designated trays to the opening in the machine. The product could then be extracted through glass doors.

We also built two shipping freezers. The larger cold room was 100 ft X 22 ft with a ceiling height of 12 ft, while the smaller box was 71 ft X 15 ft with a ceiling height of 12 ft.  Both cold rooms faced the shipping floor and the internal shelving could be reached through glass doors. The cold rooms run at -20C and the refrigeration for these rooms is fully redundant. The customer now has the ability to enter the cold rooms through a -4C vestibule.  They can load and unload bulk products through this vestibule in order to have minimal impact on the -20 room. There are also doors to enter directly into the freezer from the shipping and receiving floor.

The team at Medford Wellington was very happy with the success of this unique project. If you have a special project request for your commercial operation, consider calling Medford Wellington today at 1-800-732-3754 .

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