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As fall approaches, is it time to consider replacing your old equipment? Are repairs adding up and costing you more money than you’d like? By replacing all outdated equipment with energy-efficient units, you can increase energy savings and improve overall efficiency and comfort in your business. Think of the money you could save in the long run by replacing everything all at once.

But we get it, starting a new and/or special project at your business is a big deal and can be expensive. From the project’s costs to hiring a contractor, you want to ensure your special project is done right and is under budget. Specifically, concerning the contractor your choose, you want someone you can trust and who will deliver on what they promise. Some of the qualities you should look for in a contractor are:

Our special projects team here at Medford Wellington does its best to live up to all of these points. When we win and take on new projects, our process is to walk the site with the client and foreman, schedule the work needed, order the materials needed, fabricate the sheet metal required for the job, and execute the project. We walk alongside the client through every step of the project and practice effective communication. 

With every job, we do a thorough hazard assessment with our safety team, who also do internal audits on all of the field guys to make sure they are safe. Combined with regular internal safety meetings and a Tool Box Talk safety weekly newsletter, Medford Wellington always puts safety first. 

We have had the pleasure of working on multiple types of special projects, including: 


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We understand and value our customer’s goals regarding special projects. We perform our work with the utmost professionalism and safety with a great crew of construction experts. So if you’re thinking of replacing all your old equipment or starting from scratch with a new build, contact us and speak to one of our sales representatives to go over your needs. 

*Please be aware that right now, lead times are a bit longer than normal due to supply chain issues. We are doing everything to get projects done in a timely manner, so we appreciate your patience.