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A walk-in cooler is used in an array of ways. Whether you’re in the food manufacturing/production field and you are storing produce items in a restaurant or other similar food facility, or you’re in the pharmaceutical field and you have medicines, vaccines, and other specific items that have to stay at a certain temperature, walk-in coolers can be useful for many different types of businesses. They also come in sizes ranging from ten square feet to the size of a whole building. They are constructed to meet the needs of the appropriate business. 

For your business, you might be considering what the benefits are to building/installing a completely new WIC/WIF versus fixing and repairing your current setup. Costs are always one of the biggest factors that are taken into consideration with a project such as this. When building a WIC/WIF, a new build often requires upgrades to the structure, ductwork, electrical services, etc. But, when constructed/installed properly, the life expectancy of a WIC/WIF is about 15 years. 

Some ways that you can save on the costs of a WIC/WIF are by building or installing the unit outdoors to keep any structural updates at a minimum. There does need to be a concrete slab in place in order to build outdoors, or if there isn’t one already present, one will need to be installed. You’ll also need to consider the protection that will be needed to keep the WIC/WIF safe in the rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

In the end, when looking at the overall costs, completing a new WIC/WIF build could save you a lot of money in the long run since you’ll have a machine that runs efficiently and has less costly repairs arise, which means less down time resulting in loss of revenue and/or product, and no emergency situations. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about a WIC/WIF build for your business, fill out our contact form or call our main number, 1-800-732-3754, and we will be happy to set up a meeting with one of our sales associates.