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CO2 safety in your business is vital, even if it’s not something you think about very often. The last thing you want to have happen is for the CO2 to cause corrosion in your pipes, leading to leaks that can grow and have damaging effects on your business. 

To give you a little background, cast iron and copper piping were exclusively used by plumbers in all commercial buildings even when PVC was allowed for this application. Part of this was that plumbers were not educated in materials, code allowances, and the corrosive effects of the liquids. So, as a standard, 90% of plumbers were using cast-iron piping in these applications by default. 

Another situation to consider is that business locations could have been remodeled and either added or relocated a servers’ station/customer self-serve station and utilized existing cast iron drains. Pre-existing drains in these areas may not have been plumbed with this use in mind and the new usage could be unknowingly compromising the piping and leading to CO2 pipe corrosion. 

At Medford Wellington, we offer the right plumbing services to replace your cast iron piping with PVC pipe and fittings to the point of dilution. The process itself is a complete replacement of drain piping and fittings from metallic piping to PVC pipe and fittings from the source (soda machine) to a point of downstream dilution. (Downstream dilution is when another fixture’s drainage enters the piping to dilute the soda machine drain. It could be near or far depending on the plumbing drain layout in the building.)

Even if you’re not thinking of replacing your pipes at the moment, or you’re thinking it’s a non-issue, it’s important to get your pipes checked to make sure they won’t become a costly CO2 pipe corrosion issue in the future. Let Medford Wellington help you protect your business from issues that could affect operations and your bottom line. 

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