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Keep Your Company’s Climate Under Control With Superior Commercial HVAC Services 

The New England seasons are always changing. Your HVAC shouldn’t struggle to stay on track. Medford Wellington’s highly-skilled commercial HVAC services keep your business consistently comfortable and ready for anything—whether it’s hot & humid or dry & freezing cold. 

With fifty plus years of successful HVAC installation, replacement and repair services, we’re the experts you deserve with the 24/7 availability you can count on. 

Call today for all your commercial HVAC needs.

Commercial HVAC Projects

What is the average price for a commercial HVAC service call?

Commercial HVAC call costs vary from company to company and some have different cost measurements. Some companies charge by the hour, whereas others may have flat rates. Flat rates for commercial service calls range between $100-$200, while hourly rates are usually between $75-$150.

What are the benefits of commercial HVAC preventive maintenance?

Commercial HVAC preventative maintenance is an important part of making sure your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible and isn’t experiencing any background issues. Some of the main benefits of having your HVAC system professionally maintained are a longer system lifespan, fewer repairs, increased efficiency and better indoor air quality. To get the most out of your system, you should have it serviced annually.

What is the useful life of a commercial HVAC unit?

Commercial HVAC systems typically last between 10-15 years, but your system lifespan will vary depending on your area’s climate and how well you maintain your HVAC system. You can help your system to last longer by having it professionally maintained. Along with helping to extend the life of your system, regular HVAC maintenance can improve your system’s efficiency and cut down on energy costs.

Commercial Services Any Time

Whether your AC is blasting hot air, your heat is running ice cold or you’re lacking any air flow at all, our commercial HVAC experts are on call to visit your business, diagnose your issues and offer viable solutions. 

Before an unexpected HVAC problem becomes an expensive emergency, let Medford Wellington scope things out. Our technicians are trained not only to fix immediate HVAC issues, but to consult on crucial preventative maintenance measures that will protect your systems and save you from unexpected repair costs. 

Not only that, we’re available 24/7. Because we know well-functioning commercial HVAC service never sleeps. 

Safety Inspections & Preventative Maintenance 

Nobody wakes up anticipating an accident, power outage or the loss of critical business units. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. 

Medford Wellington’s safety inspections and preventative maintenance plans catch potential problems before they occur, so you can avoid walking into an unexpected HVAC emergency. 

Not sure what your business needs to run smoothly? We provide customized plans to suit your exact needs. Some examples of the tasks we perform include:

  • Testing & troubleshooting
  • Replacing air filters
  • Checking and clearing drain lines
  • Chemically cleaning and power washing condenser coils
  • Testing and adjusting belts
  • Inspecting heat exchangers

We’re here for all your commercial HVAC needs with completely customizable plans that can be executed yearly, quarterly, monthly or on your own terms.

Troubleshooting & Repair 

Having issues with your HVAC system? Our experienced technicians can analyze and diagnose during routine inspections, regular service calls, or in an unexpected 3AM emergency. These are just a few of our areas of expertise: 

  • Packaged rooftop units
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Makeup air units
  • Split systems
  • Exhaust fans
  • Exhaust hoods

Why Choose Medford Wellington For Commercial HVAC Services?

  • Service That Never Sleeps - Our expert HVAC/R technicians are available 24/7.
  • A Fleet of Friendly Staff - 50+ service vehicles are on the road every day.
  • Highly-Skilled Technicians - Our fully-licensed staff has expertise in every aspect of HVAC services.
  • Safety is Our Top Priority - We’re so committed to safety, we have full-time safety staff.
  • Industry-Leading Performance - Our expertly-trained team of HVAC technicians is always evolving to stay cutting edge.

Call 1-800-732-3754 for commercial HVAC services you can constantly count on.