Medford Wellington is your strategic partner for uninterrupted operations — from rapid emergency response to tailored, sustainable solutions that future-proof your facilities and keeps your business running 24×7.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

Medford Wellington’s custom proactive maintenance and monitoring program is designed to identify potential issues early on, address them promptly and optimize the performance and lifespan of your assets. With systems running 24/7, you’ll minimize disruptions, enhance efficiency, and boost your company’s bottom line. Invest in the future of your operations today.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Ensuring optimal functionality of your heating and cooling systems is vital for maintaining excellent indoor air quality and enhancing the well-being of your customers. Partner with the Medford Wellington experts for regular upkeep of your HVAC systems — guaranteeing comfort, cost savings and business continuity, regardless of weather conditions.


Dependable commercial refrigeration is essential for preserving frozen and refrigerated goods at optimal temperatures. Trust Medford Wellington’s skilled professionals for routine maintenance, emergency repairs and seamless installation of your equipment – from walk-in coolers and medical freezers to ice machines and blast chillers. You can also rent our mobile refrigeration trucks – for transporting perishable goods, supporting increased demand during peak seasons or keeping products safe during weather emergencies.

Sheet Metal

Partner with Medford Wellington to unlock the power of precision with our trained technicians. Whether it’s a full-scale HVAC project or commercial sheet metal services for existing buildings, you can count on our experts to deliver flawless fit and unmatched quality – from start to finish.

Gas Fitting

Ensure seamless operations with reliable commercial gas fitting services tailored to your business needs. From stove servicing to HVAC/R systems, gas plays a crucial role in your commercial operations. With over 50 years of expertise, our fully licensed professionals excel in detecting, repairing, installing and replacing gas systems, no matter how complex.  The Medford Wellington team will ensure your components are compliant with local and federal regulations, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted business continuity.


Plumbing serves as the backbone of commercial enterprises – research labs and academic institutions to restaurants and nursing homes. Yet, it’s not just about water flow—it’s about safety and sustainability. Our highly trained, certified plumbers ensure the pipes are functioning smoothly and all systems meet regulatory and environmental standards. Whether it’s optimizing a three-bay sink, updating a hot water heater or tackling a back-flow preventer repair trust in our expertise to keep your business flowing smoothly.


Whether you are embarking on a new project or enhancing an existing building, your electrical needs demand precision and proficiency. With over five decades of hands-on expertise, our licensed electricians specialize in a myriad of services. From seamless electrical build-outs and demolitions to cutting-edge panel upgrades and replacements, we’ve got you covered. Let the Medford Wellington team illuminate your space with our tailored lighting installations, integrate smart building management systems and harness the power of structured wiring for enhanced connectivity and safety.

  • Medford Wellington, the business continuity company, is committed to keeping commercial enterprises running uninterrupted – from restaurants and retail spaces to laboratories and hospitals.
  • Service areas include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine.