The Business Continuity Company

Medford Wellington

Medford Wellington, the business continuity company, is committed to keeping commercial enterprises running uninterrupted – from restaurants and retail spaces to laboratories and hospitals. Its ecosystem of experts work in partnership with business owners and facility managers to fix real-time issues as well as plan, construct and manage cutting-edge systems to optimize performance and reduce energy costs. 

The team collaborates with partners to analyze and minimize future risks and leverages Medford Wellington’s custom maintenance and monitoring programs to keep their businesses operational 24X7. To learn more about Medford Wellington’s commercial services and construction expertise and how we can help your business, please contact us, anytime. 


Timeline 2023

The Medford Wellington family, more than 100 and growing.

  • Michael LaCrosse takes over as CEO.
  • The company is transitioning to a tech company, to help keep customers’ businesses running 24×7.
  • The team supports thousands of customers.
  • More than 100 trucks on the road.
  • Service areas include MA, NH, RI, CT, ME.

John Annarelli, Jr. takes over as president of Medford Wellington.

  • Opened two more offices to expand the Medford Wellington service area: one in Billerica, MA and the other in Rocky Hill, CT.
  • The company continued to run as a family business, with John Jr. as president, his sister taking care of office work and his sons focusing on field assignments.

Signed beam, a significant piece of the new Medford office.

  • The plan and spec construction services department was launched.
  • The Medford office was revamped and included a special beam that was signed by staff members. 

Bustling activities across various departments.

  • John Sr.’s son, John Annarelli Jr., takes over the company as president.
  • The plumbing department was added.

An exterior shot of the shop and company vans.

  • Expanded the commercial services offerings to include electrical, sheet metal and special projects, in addition to the HVAC/R work.
  • At this time, there were more than 60 trucks on the road.

Medford Wellington's first office opened in Medford, MA.

  • The company was renamed to Medford Wellington Service Company, in reference to the town where the company originated.
  • The first office opened in Medford, MA.

The first company van: Where the journey began.

  • John Sr. launched the business, Wellington Service Company, which specialized in all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Wellington Service Company became a family business. His wife, Claire, handled calls and dispatched workers to their job sites. His children would eventually work for the company as well.

Medford Howard Johnson on opening day, 1938.

  • John Annarelli Sr. left the coast guard. With a new found love for refrigeration, he started working in refrigeration full time.
  • John Sr. worked with companies such as Red Coach Grill, Boston Filtration Company and Howard Johnson.

John Annarelli Sr., a member of the US Coast Guard.

  • As a senior in high school, John Annarelli Sr. decided to join the Coast Guard.
  • While on assignment, John was put in charge of all the ship’s refrigeration work, which he enjoyed.
  • Medford Wellington, the business continuity company, is committed to keeping commercial enterprises running uninterrupted – from restaurants and retail spaces to laboratories and hospitals.
  • Service areas include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine.