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Preventative Maintenance Services in MA, RI, NH & CT

Catch System Problems Before They Start With Preventative Maintenance Plans

Medford Wellington’s Preventative Maintenance Plans help your business get ahead of system disruptions so you can reduce critical downtime and dodge unnecessary costs. Implementing a fully-customizable Preventative Maintenance Plan means you can avoid expensive repairs, extend the lifespan of your systems, ensure efficient operations and even save on utilities. 

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Preventative Maintenance

What is commercial HVAC preventive maintenance?

Commercial HVAC preventative maintenance is the best way to help keep your commercial HVAC systems functioning optimally. It typically involves things like tightening the electrical connections, lubricating the moving parts, changing the air filters, cleaning the coils and calibrating the thermostat to make sure everything is working as it should. To keep your commercial HVAC system in the best shape for longer, you should have preventive maintenance performed twice a year.

Why is commercial HVAC maintenance important?

Commercial HVAC maintenance is important for a number of reasons. Maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of your HVAC systems, increase your system’s efficiency, improve the quality and comfort of your air and lower your energy bills. Commercial HVAC maintenance is also especially important in catching any problems your system may be experiencing early on so they can be dealt with before you’re left with a breakdown that costs you in both money and lost productivity.

What are the benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance?

Some of the many benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance include:

  • Better indoor air quality.
  • More comfortable air.
  • Increased system efficiency.
  • Fewer system breakdowns.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Longer system lifespan.


Do Away With Unnecessary Downtime 

 You know how the old saying goes: “time is money.” And downtime is nothing but a drain on your business. When your HVAC, refrigeration, electrical or plumbing systems stop working, you’re on the clock to get things fixed fast. 

Unless you have a preventative maintenance plan in place...

Medford Wellington’s completely customizable Preventative Maintenance Plans cut downtime off at the pass by preventing costly repairs from happening in the first place. Our team members are experts in every trade and we’re available 24/7 to help your systems stay prepared, protected and operating at full capacity.

Maintain a comfortable work environment, extend the longevity of your systems, and avoid wasting precious time troubleshooting, replacing and repairing some of your biggest business investments. 

5 Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your Business

  • It Decreases Costly Repairs  While eliminating repairs isn’t always possible, having your equipment professionally maintained and regularly inspected decreases repair costs and prevents major breakdowns. A preventative maintenance visit from Medford Wellington could mean catching a ripped fan belt before it ruins the unit, pinpointing a potentially catastrophic water boiler malfunction, spotting a looming short circuit, or even identifying an imminent fire hazard.
  • It Extends the Longevity of Your Systems Dirty, clogged, or inefficient systems work much harder to get the job done. This means unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment and full blown failures long before its expected lifespan has come. A deep cleaning here or small replacement there could add years to your systems and save thousands of dollars in the process.
  • It Increases Employee Morale Your employees deserve a comfortable and accommodating work environment. When your business is too hot, too cold, out of hot water or unable to connect to comms, it can take a toll on team morale. Preventing pesky workplace glitches can help you increase employee productivity and keep every system on track.
  • It Promotes Energy Efficiency  A clean, safe, highly-functioning system uses less energy and costs less money to operate.
  • It Improves Air Quality  Clean air is an essential element in the workplace and beyond. Dirty HVAC systems can spur serious air quality consequences that disrupt your business and adversely affect your people. Preventative maintenance identifies troublesome HVAC issues with time to spare—so your business can keep breathing easy.

Why Choose Medford Wellington For Preventative Maintenance Services?

  • Service That Never Sleeps - Our team of highly-trained technicians is available 24/7.
  • A Fleet of Friendly Staff - We have 50+ service vehicles out on the road every day.
  • Highly-Skilled Technicians - Our versatile staff has expertise in every trade.
  • Safety is Our Top Priority - We’re so dedicated to safety, we have full-time safety staff.
  • Industry-Leading Performance - Our technicians are always honing their skills to stay cutting edge

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